CBYA-ES Electronical line shaft high speed gravure printing machine

Electronical line shaft high speed gravure printing machine

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Performance and Characteristics:

1.Non-stop high speed auto splicing

2.With drop roller device, suitable for water-based ink

3.Servo motor drive, auto color register both vertical and horizontal direction

4.Friendly human interface, operation simple and convenient

5.Guide roller lightweight and flexible, concentrated oil lubrication, oil mass is visible

6.Contains a number of national patent technology, novel appearance atmosphere, use of superior performance

Technical parameter

Printing material    Plastic film/paper and other reel material

Printing width  850mm/1050mm/1250mm

Mechanical speed  350m/min

Registration precision   +0.10mm

Rewind and unwind dia.  600mm

Printing cylinder dia.  120mm-280mm

Length of the oven  2000mm

Type of composite substrate materials:
Polyethylene(PE): 40-75μm
Polypropylene film(OPP,BOPP,CPP):40-75μm
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